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For the 26th consecutive year
Tri-State Marine has been awarded the prestigious

Grady-White Admiral's Circle Award
for Sales and Service 


Kris Carroll, president of Grady-White, congratulates Tri-State Marine, "In addition to the goal of reaching over 2 million dollars in retail sales for the year, Tri-State Marine received customer satisfaction index scores from our customer surveys that exceeded 9.5 on a 10-point scale. The team effort and knowledge at Tri-State Marine promises the best in sales and service to each customer."  

All of us at Tri-State Marine are proud and honored to have been recognized for our dedication to giving the best possible customer service. We thank all of our customers and friends who ranked us as having delivered the best of the best!

Contact Robert Warren, Ron Young or Mike McGuire
(410) 867-1447

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