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Membership Application

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Chesapeake Bay Grady-White Club

Membership Application
Please print out form, complete and return with check to address below.




Annual Dues:  $35 per boat

You must currently own a Grady White Boat to become a member
New boats purchased from Tri-State Marine receive the first year free


Membership Benefits:

Cruises & Day Trips   ●   Fishing Tips & Tricks   ●   Local Captain Guest Speakers

Monthly Meetings   ●   Connect with Other Boaters   ● Fishing Tournaments   ●   Special Events

Educational Events   ●   Factory Tours   ●   Grady White Palooza Event

Free Grady White Logo Items   ● Annual Holiday Party  

Boat Maintenance Tips   ●   Cookouts/Picnics   ●   Fisherman's Flea Market



Owner(s) Name(s): ________________________________________________________________________


Spouse/Significant Other’s Name: ________________________________________________________________________


Boat Name: _______________________________________ Model: ___________________________


Year: _____________ Engines & HP: __________________________________________________


Mailing Address: _____________________________________________­­­­­­­­­___________________________


Home Phone: __________________________ CellPhone:____________________________




Where did you purchase your boat?



Mail Membership Application with payment of $35.00 (check or money order) to:

Chesapeake Bay Grady-White Club

C/O Anne Slabinski, Membership

5935 Rockhold Creek Rd

Deale, Md. 20751

Email Questions to


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